I was invited to a couple of family weddings this year.I got so bored from the usual “Kalisundam Ra” kind of attitude so I began to look at the funny side of it and began enjoying every marriage then.So dear ladies and gentlemen or whosoever is reading the article – this is clearly my perspective and if anyone is hurt its only because you are super sensitive and its not my fault.
1. The thunder stealing girls!!
people at marriages.1

Girls regardless of why they come and what they think on the wedding sets are always a driving force for most of the guys to come for weddings.They add glamour and in essence are the reason behind the ambiance.Few things I noticed about girls in weddings are that they are so self conscious that they sometimes forget why they are here.Here are a few thoughts on what goes on in their heads.
Andaru pelli vanka tho nanne chudataniki vacharu..
Makeup pokunda tinali ..reason lekunda atu itu parigettali
Danikante baga kanipiyyali…
Abbaylani ignore chesinattu natinchakapothe despo anukuntaru
Edurinti Varalaxmi aunty ayna nannu chusi pogidithe bavundu