Top-7 Most Popular Youtubers from Telugu Who Got Their Initial Fame From The Internet

It is not much easy to enter into film industry before, but now people got chance to showcase their talent through many ways and can create their own platform. Youtube is one which help them to showcase their talent. One Troll, one Short film, is enough which can go viral and help to get lakhs of views. Even film industry is also in search of these talented artist through Internet according to their requirement. Industry hires Most Popular Youtubers from telugu for their talent. ┬áLet’s us watch the complete list to know them all.

1. Viva Harsha!
Popular youtubers - viva harsha

“Harsha” who became well familiar through his short film “Viva” entered into film industry with screen name “Viva Harsha”. ┬áHis short film goes viral and get more number of views than any other telugu short film i.e, 75 lakhs views .Harsha’s expressions ,punch dialogues which relate to his character brings over night fame to him which turned him into comedian..