I have added a few more movies to the list in this second Post. You would have not watched some of the Movies here as they flopped utterly for various reasons.However, the originals are really great to watch which is why I am trying to embed the videos for movies I could find the links to.

1. kodamaSimham

Kodama Simham‘ starring Chiru needs no introduction but the Original Epic directed by Sergio Leone is a must watch for anyone who has not seen this earlier.With deeper characterizations,most coriginal BGM and screenplay which shook the World cinema at the time of it’s release Good,Bad and Ugly is a delight to watch even 20 years from today.

The best BGM I have ever heard..there you go :-

Some of the classiest scenes in the history of Cinema :-

Here’s Good,Bad and the Ugly – The Complete Movie For you :-

The Good The Bad And The Ugly 1966 by Alice-Bauer