rajini fans
In allover India Rajini Fans  are there and not only India Other Countries like Japan also having Rajini fans. And Within 5 days Rajinikant’s ‘Kabali’ grossed over Rs 200 crore, and has smashed almost all box-office records. The original name of Rajinikanth was Shivaji Rao Gaekwad.  He born in Mysore in Karnataka. He starts with Carrer as Bus Conductor in Banglore. Later he enters in the films  with film Aaporva Ragnagal. And he is know a Super star in India.
In 2004, Rajinikanth said he would personally vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) but would not extend his support to any front during the  Indian general election and he is a phenomenon.

Not only in the real world but even on Twitter, Rajini has a huge following of over 3.05 million fans. He follows only 19 people on Twitter. Of them there is only one politician.

Yes, Only One!

Any guess?

One of the Rajini fans are…

He is charismatic leader and Our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi! Yes, the one and only dynamic Politician (Bharatia Janata Party) in India was Narendra Modi .How choosy is Rajinikant! No wonder he has shunned politics so far, although the main feature in the South is to cash in charisma on the screen off it in the political area.
Narendra Modi is Prime Minister of India and also he is from Gujarath State. And He is the then Chief Minister of Gujarath state. And he was Born in 17th Sep 1950. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Legislation has to Centered on reforming and modernistic India’s Frame work and government, reducing bureaucracy and also encourages to increas foreign direct investment, and to improve national standards of health with sanitation and improving foreign relations.
rajini fans - Narendra modi