YS Jagan’s Deeksha Cancelled again..

For the cause of “Special Status To AP”, Since last 10 days Jagan has been planning his Hunger Strike in Guntur, But has already canceled it 5 times. Because The government says no with the permissions for the several security reasons. Since it is also the Ganesh Nimarjanam Time The Police has offored two more different places out side the city to conduct the Dheeksha, But Jagan denied them and still hoping to find permissions. and also the YSRCP MLAs went to high court to appeal about the issue yesterday, But the court also said NO to the party members.

Jagan has been saying about this Dheeksha since a very long time back, but only Chandra Babu has to know when it will happen. The other day Chandrababu Naidu mentioned to media that they will not allow such Indefinite Hunger Strikes risking the people’s life. Mean while many TDP leaders are taking this opportunity to attack on Jagan & trying to de-fame his Dheeksha. On the other end YSRCP people are acting confident fighting back the counters telling that ChandraBabu feares Jagan and his popularity in the students, But deep down the hearts these MLAs are very worried about the possibility of the permission.
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