How Internet would have been if it is existed before 1947

The world of Technology we live in, is effecting our life styles in a big way especially Internet, World has become a digital Village in this Information Era, Entire world is depending on web services other than any thing else , From morning to evening people are surrounding the world by surfing in net.. For the things they want to share,  For the note they want to make.. For the shopping they want to go for… For the photograph they want to showcase , For the marriage they want to propose , For the event they want to notify.. For searching for new information… For searching a new location.. For booking any tickets..For checking a recepie of modern times…What not for every thing they choose this as a medium..

So what if our pre-independence days also had the same luxury and availability ? How The things would have been if the web services existed then? We will answer to these questions with some of the most funny pics. Please tight your seat belts & watch them all