Things only BalaKrishna can do..You cant stop laughing

Balayya , Legend from Nandamuri Family is role model for youngsters coming from Nandamuri Family, He has a great fan following after Sr.NTR from Nandamuri Family. He was predominantly known for his works as actor and politician in Telugu Film Industry..
In his 40 years career as an actor he performed in many roles and predominantly known as action hero in TFI. His much more powerful action and powerful dialogues entertains mass and class audience. He can involve in any kind of characters and has ability to hit box- ofiice.He was currently working for his 100th movie.
His powerful dialogues sometimes becomes as comics such as Mountain Climbing in Vijayendra Varma Movie just to save Rabbit at the end , blocking cell phone signals is one of the craziest thing from Okka Magadu Movie only he can do, Shooting with mouth from Allari Pidugu is another scene with no sense ..Only he can go to Pakistan with Parachute.. Even the current can’t oppose him, He can hack swiss bank account in Okka Mogadu Movie..

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