There are the most prominent personalities In the political history of AndhraPradesh who have won the most number of elections to become Andhra Pradesh Chief Ministers. Their rule have lead the state in to next levels every time. Watch them all to know 62 years old political history which made the current Telugu States for what they are.
1. N. Chandrababu Naidu – 3378+564 days(Telugu Desam Party)!

Naidu became the state’s youngest assembly member and youngest minister at 28, and served the longest term as Chief Minister of the state from 1995 to 2004. He is the 13th Chief minister of the Telugu State. He Has been an active leader for TDP since last 3 decades. He has fought the ruling party opponents several times from the opposition. In 1999 General Elections Under Chandrababu TDP has won 185 of 294 seats in the Assembly and 29 of 42, making it the second-largest party in the BJP-led NDA coalition government.

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