These Are the Scariest Places in Hyderabad which you should defenitely not go around during mid-nights, But if you are a Horror buff these are the places of your interest which are believed to be possessed & show some sorts of supernatural evidences every now and then. But again these the tales that local folks keeps sharing as the part of the Urban Myths, But only few people who have been in some scary situations from those places can actually tell what is wrong going there at Midnights.

Haunted Places In Hyderabad You cant visit alone

The Building That Has Seen Most Number Of Suicides In The City.!
Haunted Placed In Hyderabad - DedhLakhGhar

Yes, This Building is famously built in 1973 with a budget of one and half lakhs those days, Which has become its name literally “Dedh Lakh Ghar”. But many families who stayed there till now have seen several suicide incidents repeatedly, Now for that reason nobody dares to live in there any more & has been abandoned from long long time. Still the locals add several stories around the building claiming that they hear strange sounds during the nights.