6 Intelligent Theories from Sukumar you should look for in “Nannaku Prematho”

Sukumar once again proved himself as a Maths Teacher Turned Director with “Nannaku Prematho”. You will see many logical & tricky concepts throughout the film with a mark of non lenear screenplay in it. Most of these logics are very interesting & completely new to the Telugu Cinema, but like every other Director, Sukumar too sometimes falling in his own pits of cliches by over doing it. Subtle in the dialogues you will find the borrowed concepts from the world of physics, mathematics and economics. But also these things are explained with an immense clarity unlike his previous flick “1 Nenokkadine”, so these things will be equally conveyed to any zero brainier who watches the film. Following are such top theories which Sukku tried explaining in the film…

1. The Butterfly effect!
nannaku prematho review sukumar

There is a theory that the flutter of a butterfly in Africa can create a tornado in America, which means that every minor action in the world will influence many millions of other possible actions as a consequence of it & in that way, all the things that happens are some way or other inter linked.
Sukumar tried to insert this point as one of the main theme to the film. Both the Protagonist(JrNTR) & Anti-protagonist(JagapathiBabu) shares their love towards the butterfly effect theory & also many scenes in the film are intelligently created to show the same. In the first half hero & heroine shares many scenes in which this butterfly effect is explained with several situations. And we can say sukumar has succeeded in delivering this point.

2. The Human Emotions & Their Nature!
Nannaku prematho review jr ntr emotions

The Fruedian Theory Suggest that the emotion that you suppress with in your self will create a bigger stress with in & will comes out as a bigger consequence in some other situations that you don’t intend.
Sukumar explains this in his very first Dailogue of the film “Aaakali, Sex, Nidhra.. Ivanni manushulaki Janthuvulaki common, Okka Emotions thappa….” Also the same is conveyed throughout the film between the scenes of JrNTR & the other main roles. At times we see these concepts are conveyed with a touch of comic flavor too, which workedout well. And as the part of the main plot, two basic significant emotions of the Hero comes in to play – Emotion for his Father & The emotion for his father’s Revenge to JagapathiBabu. Complete story only revolves around these two elements precisely with proper balance.

3. The Mind Games Tactics!
Nannaku prematho Jagapathibabu

JagapathiBabu who played the role of a Villain in the film showed us his complete capability as an actor. His role has an enigma of negative shade which comes out so smoothly & pleasantly with his cool dialogues & mind games.
He carries two balls in his hands through out the film inside which one has the gold & the other has the silver lines in it. He asks the opponents to choose one from it every time so that they only win if they choose the gold ball. But JagapathiBabu is so smart with his mind game tactics that he never looses it.. JrNTR beautifully explains the concept behind this game before the interval sequence. And To know any further, you should directly watch the film.

4. Electra Complex of Women!
Nannaku prematho rakul

Electra complex is nothing but the female equivalent of Oedipus complex, It means that any daughter would love her father & keep him as a role models in her life. So they tend to find their lovers who have similarities with their dads.
Sukumar has pushed this concept in to the screen play more directly. In the first half NTR tries to imitate JagapathiBabu so that he could trap his daughter in to love. Also the same thing we can see throughout the movie, NTR tries to stay similar to JagapathiBabu except that he outsmarts him finally.

5. The Corporate Fights!
Nannaku prematho corporate style

One of the fresh elements in the film is that you don’t see hero & villain fighting each other orally or physically. The only fight they do is a mind level one, with the corporate war-zone backdrop. JagapathiBabu cheats NTR’s father Rajendraprasad with his company’s share’s & goodwill. So he bankrupts in-front of the investors & changes his identity to a different name. And as a part of the revenge, the same is repeated with the JagapathiBabu too by the end. In this routine plot of a revenge drama, the main intentions of the hero lies in fighting for that corporate level justice for his father & his investors.

6. The Brand New NTR for his 25th Film – The Transformation!
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If you are an NTR fan, still don’t expect an NTR movie, because it is an out & out Sukummar’s film. So is NTR’s role. If Sukumar is the soul to the film, NTR is the body for that. We never got to see him in this kind of roles. For us who watched NTR with all his hyper energy till now, this film stays unique with his completely cool & composed characterization which is really surprising. As his 25th film this role definitely will be remembered for a much longer time by the audiences. Many critics already appreciating his efforts and quoting all this as his transformation as an actor. With his previous film Temper & his Next film with Koratala Siva, one thing is sure that NTR is definitely pushing his career to the next level. Also the look he carries in the film is completely risky to perform, But he seems effortlessly perform the act as a cake walk.