Seventh Movie Sentiment of Telugu Heroes

Lets see the 7th Movie Sentiment Of Telugu Heroes
Seventh Movie Sentiment - Telugu Heroes

The other angle of our Telugu Heroes is their sentiment of 7th movie, they had a belief that tht 7th movie in their life will be the biggest turn in their career. Starting from pawan Kalyan , Mahesh Babu, and Jr. NTR whose 7th film changes their entire craze, Recently released  “Garam” movie of Aadi is not a big hit which will not make good sense for him ..

This seventh movie sentiment has started with Chiranjeevi, his seventh movie Punadhi Raallu is biggest hit in box office , after that he got many offers and finally proved himself as Mega Star..Our Young Hero Ravi Teja who is actingin small roles has a turn in his career through his seventh movie Sindhooram , We can see many more Telugu Heroes with good name whose 7th movie hits in box office,  Manchu Manoj 7th Film  Vedam, Nani 7th Film Pilla Zamindhaar is their big hits..

On the other hand Prabhas proves himself in hid 6th movie Chatrapathi, Allu Arjun who already bagged number of his didnt get much fame for his 7th movie.. These sentiments will work only for few point of view.. Audience will always made a movie hit irrespective of this sentiment if the movie is really good with nice script, Nice Visuals, Action..