Beautiful Highlights from Oopiri Movie for which you shouldn’t miss watching it..

Nagarjuna created another magic with this movie, Recent relaease “Soggade Chinni Naaya” is a complete family entertainer and by changing his style he acted as billionaire in Oopiri Movie, He can withstand in any role with his positive energy.. Movie shows the honest human emotions , it is the coolest blockbuster in this summer. See all more beautiful highlights from the film in the complete review below:

1. A 3rd Special Film in The Row – The Hatrick Magic
He was given Multi Billionaire role in this movie for his Charm, He had a major accident which leaves him quadriplegic,  and he appointed karthi ah his care taker and entire drama runs so emotionally.. Nagarjuna being quadriplegic present himself with his voice and facial expressions which leaves this movie in history other than shiva, ninne pellaadata, annamayya, manam, soggaade chinni nayana …

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